Chitosan Criogel Nanofiber Sheet (Nanomembrane) Acne Patch

Developed using our proprietary nanofiber processing technology

Chitosan cryo-nanofiber sheet
Composite nanofiber of nylon and chitosan

A skin-friendly cover sheet that is applied over the part of skin with acne
(The product is not a medical device.)

Magnification: x2500​

3D image of Chitosan CryoNanofiber​
Chitosan CryoNanofiber Sheet is a skin-friendly non-woven fabric sheet that does not require adhesives; it is manufactured by spinning complex nanofibers of chitosan and cryo-treating them using our unique technology.

Magnification: x2500​

Microscopic images of the sheet before and after cryo-treatment​
Cryo treatment can be seen as a change in the roughness of the sheet surface. After the treatment, the sheet feels as supple as thin silk.

Product Features

After applying acne cream or ointment to the skin, the sheet sticks to the skin and retains the cream or ointment. After use, you will feel like you are on bare skin without any irritation or tightness.

Main points:

  • 1. It can be applied to the skin without the need for adhesives
  • 2. It can be applied to areas of the face and neck where the skin is thin.
  • 3. No adhesive, no pain when removing.
  • 4. It does not cause steam even if applied for a long time.
  • 5. When applied, it adheres to the skin and gives the feeling of bare skin.

Examples of use

The sheet is almost transparent, as it is applied with cream or ointment for acne treatment
The picture shows what it looks like, right after the sheet is applied.
As time passes, it becomes even clearer.


Product Overview

Chitosan has an antibacterial effect on acne bacteria and reduces redness of the skin.
The "Chitosan Cryo-Nano Fiber Sheet" is cryo-treated using our original manufacturing method.
This sheet can be applied to the skin after applying the cream or ointment for acne treatment.

Precautions for use

  • If symptoms worsen, please stop using.​
  • Since it does not contain any adhesive, it peels off easily when you wash your face.
  • Do not use on mucous membranes such as eyes or inside of mouth.

How to use

The sheet holds medicated creams and ointments for adolescent and adult acne. When applied, it's very hard to notice so it's like the bare skin, and it doesn't cause irritation or tightness.

Step 1

Apply the acne cream.

Step 2

Remove the patch cover.

Step 3

Hold the edge of the transparent base sheet and apply it on the skin.

Step 4

Peel off slowly the base sheet; the patch sheet will remain stuck on the skin.
The sheet can be easily removed with wet fingers.

How to apply (Step 4)

You can see that the patch is transparent in the area where the acne cream or ointment has been applied. The patch color is initially whiteish and it gradually becomes transparent due to the sebum; it also becomes transparent when you apply the cream or ointment on it. (see the image in Step 4).