KIKOH Corporation


Our company motto is "Connect the Japanese traditions, environment, and advanced technology to the future".

"Kiko" in our company name, Kiko Corporation, has the meaning of Happy Life.

Offering useful products to many people is the true meaning of a happy life for us.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who enjoyed our products.

The Principles of Management

Harmony - Benevolence - Reverence

As the Japanese saying goes: "A powerful thought can drill through a hard rock"

With these words in mind, we have been challenging ourselves to manufacture products. And I have been able to refine myself and grow through in process of making innovative products.
We are not satisfied with the status quo, we will continue to strive for "Inspiration! Surprise! Joy!" and will continue to work on the development of new products that make people's lives better and easier, as we are looking to deliver "excitement"!

Together with our partners and distributors, we will continue to take on further challenges and we intend to take "JAPAN PRIDE" to the world.
We will continue to strive to be a company that people regard with gratitude and love.

Your continued support and guidance is always greatly appreciated.

Director: Aiko Watanabe